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Inspired By A Desire For Self - Care.

For most moms, self-care is the last item on the list. With multiple items being added to their neverending to-do lists, moms barely have the time to take care of their skin more so have the time to comb through the many different products to find the ones that work best for them. This very scenario is what inspired BareLily Founder, mom and entrepreneur Gina Brown Tayag to create BareLily.

For years, Gina relied on her simple routine of lipstick, face powder, and eyelash curler and paid no mind to skincare for she simply did not have the time. It wasn’t until she was in her late 30s when she realized that it was time to take care of herself the same way she took care of her family and her businesses.

So Many Products, So Little Options.

The biggest obstacle for Gina at that time was finding products that work for her skin, “Being a Filipino with mixed heritage, my skin type was very difficult to find products for and nothing I tried worked!” And this is a dilemma shared by moms everywhere – it’s not that moms do not want to invest in themselves, it just takes a lot of time.

Finally after years of searching, Gina decided that while there are many products in the market, there were none that fit into her busy lifestyle while being compatible with her skin’s unique needs.

Creating BareLily

It was this frustration that led Gina to partner with her cousin, actress and content creator Lj Moreno Alapag, to create BareLily. BareLily was developed with the desire to provide busy moms like themselves with skincare products that are both effective and efficient. BareLily aims to provide efficient and effective products that will make moms and women everywhere with the confidence they need in order to bare their beauty from within.

Why Barelily?

The name BareLily was inspired by the desire to provide pure, clean, and intriguing products that symbolize the feeling of love, trust, reliability, passion, creativity, luxury, and glamour with just one look. These attributes are what we aim to exude with every product we create and deliver.


We are committed to providing and promoting the highest most natural quality ingredients. Utilizing safe and innovative science while at the same time respecting our environment, nature and the human race.


Our vision is to have a universe where everyone from all walks of life feel beautiful and confident when they use BareLlily Products. Ultimately breaking the standards that society feeds us beyond culture, age and gender to help you find discover and celebrate authentic beauty.

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