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BareLily, an upstart skin wellness ally with a heart

BareLily, an upstart skin wellness ally with a heart

With skincare products being launched at a faster rate than ever, it is important to find a brand that understands and cares.

This is what BareLily is all about.

BareLily is an upstart brand that not only takes care of people’s skin but deeply understands and relates to the ever-changing needs and demands of people looking to improve their overall wellness.

While still being a new player in the business of caring for one’s skin, BareLily’s goal is to provide people with the best skincare products that also advocate for the greater good – helping preserve the environment and giving back to the community.

Eye skin care
Eye skin care

Out of frustration comes an innovation

Established in 2018 (Launched 2022), BareLily was a product of its founder, mom, and entrepreneur Gina Brown Tayag’s longing for skincare products that work best for her skin’s unique needs and match her hectic everyday life as a loving wife, caring mother, and hardworking businesswoman.

As a Filipina with mixed heritage, Gina struggled with her beauty routine due to the scarcity of products that work best for her skin type. This difficulty along with her hectic everyday life breathed life into an innovation that would put an end to her long-running frustration. 

Along with her cousin, Filipina actress and content creator LJ Moreno Alapag, Gina decided to bring BareLily to life. It is Gina’s deep understanding of the delicate needs of busy women who take care of their families and pursue their life goals that make BareLily a brand of beauty and empowerment.

Rooted in the deep desire to make efficient and nature-friendly products that represent love, passion, luxury, and glamour, BareLily is perfect for women who are looking to take their skincare routine to the next level without needing to break the bank.

Gina and LJ of Barelily

Natural, ethical, and empowering

As a brand in its infancy stages, BareLily is all about empowering women by offering them various beauty and skincare products suitable for their everyday needs. These products aim to encourage women of all ages from all walks of life to embrace their natural beauty.

Powered with the feeling of opulence and allure, BareLily’s products are also made from ingredients of the highest and most natural qualities. Made with the hands of some of the most caring humans on the planet, the company also strongly advocates for safe and innovative science when it comes to the manufacturing of its skincare items.

Among the start-up company’s offerings are its vegan makeup line such as the BareLily wet/dry powder foundation, matte extra oil control pressed face powder, brow sealer and clear lash builder and matte pressed blush.

Also in store for people looking for more natural alternatives to their creams and moisturizers are BareLily’s vegan and paraben and gluten-free antioxidant day creme with SPF 15 rich packed with the aloe, pine bark and Vitamins A, B5, C, and E for sun protection; skin brightening moisturizer that has light reflections and antioxidants for an illuminating effect and skin protection; and its oil-controlling moisturizer rich in green tea extracts that soothe and protect the skin from natural damage.

BareLily is an inclusive brand as it also has products crafted for men such as its anti-aging daily defense hydrator with broad spectrum SPF 30 for the face and body, daily purifying cleanser, and retexturizing scrub.

True to its commitment to providing safe and natural skincare products in the market, all ingredients used in  BareLily products are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) after passing the agency’s rigorous evaluation process.

Armed with an unmatched effort and indefatigable drive, BareLily, led by its founders Gina Brown Tayag and LJ Moreno Alapag, is all set to empower and embrace authentic beauty while pushing for nature and human preservation and care. 

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